IWSLT 2012 will be held in rooms 4018 (near lifts 2 and 3) and 5620 (near lifts 31 and 32) on the scenic campus of HKUST, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Most of the academic rooms are in the same huge main academic building. Navigation around campus is typically given in terms of the nearest lift numbers.  The web-based HKUST Path Advisor can be extremely useful in locating specific lifts and rooms.

For iPhone users, we recommend the m.HKUST iPhone app which contains the campus map and useful contacts in HKUST. 

Wi-fi will be available in the conference rooms and at central locations of the HKUST campus for those belonging to the worldwide eduroam consortium.



How to get to HKUST

Public transportation in Hong Kong is very efficient, and getting to and from HKUST by taxi, the MTR metro, or bus is easy, as is accessible by car. The map shows you the main routes connecting Kowloon and Hong Kong island to our campus.

The main gate of the campus features a large and easily recognizable sign with the university's name written in both English and Chinese. Past the main gate, a gently sloping driveway leads to the entrance piazza with a large red sundial at its center.

Click on image to enlarge the HKUST location map.


Click on image to enlarge the HKUST lift map.



The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is an underground subway (metro) system serving Hong Kong island, Kowloon, and the airport.

The MTR is the easiest way for visitors to get around Hong Kong. Tickets can be purchased from machines in the stations on a trip-by-trip basis or you can purchase multi-use Octopus cards at MTR ticket windows.

The Choi Hung and Hang Hau MTR stations are the closest to the University, and you can board a bus or taxi (details below) to the main entrance of HKUST.

There is a train every 2 minutes. Travelling from North Point station to Hang Hau station takes approximately 20 minutes.


Taxis provide the simplest way to get to the University, and are easily available at any MTR station, from hotels and most areas of Hong Kong. From the airport, you can take a taxi at the airport taxi stand and expect to pay approximately HK$380 (about US$49) and take approximately 40 minutes for the journey. Note that only HK dollars will be accepted by your driver. 

Print a copy of this page and the map and bring it with you in case you need to show the route or University name and address in Chinese to the taxi driver. 

The taxi drop-off point on campus is near the red sundial. For on-campus housing destinations, ask the security guard at the main gate to give the taxi driver directions.

Buses / Minibuses

From Choi Hung MTR station: 91 or 91M (MTR Exit C2; travel time: ~20 mins)
11 or 11S minibus (MTR Exit C1; travel time: ~15 mins)

From Hang Hau MTR station: 91M (MTR Exit B2; travel time: ~10 mins)
11, 11M or 11S minibus (MTR Exit B1; travel time: ~10 mins)

From Po Lam MTR station: 91M (MTR Exit A2; travel time: ~25 mins)
12 minibus (MTR Exit B1; travel time: ~40 mins)

From Ngau Tau Kok MTR station: 104 minibus (MTR Exit A; travel time: ~30 mins)

From Tiu Keng Leng MTR station: 792M (MTR Exit A1; travel time: ~30 mins)

From Sai Kung: 792M (travel time: ~20 mins)
12 minibus (travel time: ~15 mins)

Driving (General directions)

From Hong Kong Island : Take the Eastern Harbour Crossing towards Lam Tin. Continue straight after the roundabout, and get in the right lane towards the Tseung Kwan O Tunnel, following signs for Hang Hau. At the roundabout for Hang Hau, take the Ying Yip Road exit, following the road past the Clearwater Bay Film Studio onto Clearwater Bay Road, and follow signs for HKUST. 

From Kowloon : Take Prince Edward Road towards Kwun Tong; after Choi Hung Estates, stay left and follow signs to Clearwater Bay. Take Clearwater Bay road and follow signs to HKUST. 

From Shatin : Take Cairns or Lion Rock Tunnel, staying left onto Lung Cheung Road. Follow signs to Sai Kung. Take Clearwater Bay road, following signs for HKUST.
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