Evaluation Campaign

IWSLT proposes challenging research tasks and an open experimental infrastructure for the scientific community working on spoken and written language translation. The IWSLT 2012 Evaluation Campaign includes the following tasks:

TED Task

  • ASR track : automatic transcription of talks from audio to text (in English)
  • SLT track: speech translation of talks from audio (or ASR output) to text (from English to French)
  • MT track : text translation of talks for two language pairs plus ten optional language pairs:


  • HIT track : text translation of the sentences taken from the Olympics domain (from Chinese sentences into English)

Participants of the OLYMPICS task have to sign an end-user agreement in order to get access to the data sets.

The organizations which register for a task and receive the data have a commitment to submit runs for the test data set, attend the evaluation campaign and give a presentation at the workshop. Failure to show up at the workshop or to submit runs for the test data set will jeopardize your site for future IWSLT evaluations.

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